Practical Feline Friendly Care For
The Health and Wellbeing of Your Pet Cat

Practical Feline Friendly Care For The Health and Wellbeing of Your Pet Cat

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Unlike some other types of pets (no names), pet cats don’t need instructions on how to behave.  They don’t need to be tied to your wrist just to get some fresh air or necessitate a sign on the gate advising people that unaccompanied entry is inadvisable.  And they definitely won’t bring you a stick and expect you to help them to exercise.

But they do have their own needs whilst doing their best to hide them from you.  Understanding these needs is crucial if your relationship is going to be the best it can be.

This site will help you to do what’s needed for both of you, and help you to become part of the cat friendly revolution.  We don’t hold marches or sign petitions, but simply adopt a few basic practices that will help you to help the vet to help Fluffy enjoy improved wellbeing and a long, healthy life.

Decipher the cat code for yourself, at home with these expert ebooks

Book: What is your pet cat trying to tell you?
Book: Everything you've ever wanted to know about living happily with a cat.
Book: The secrets of owning a happy, fit and even fat, cat
Book: The Cat's Revealed Collection.  3 Books in One
Book: How to easily collect cat urine at home.

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