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Dr. Kim's Mewzings, Issue #001: Books, Videos and New Pages!
December 31, 2015

Welcome To My Mewzings

Hello and welcome to Mewzings. I am delighted you have subscribed and look forward to helping you along the often challenging, but always interesting and rewarding Feline Friendly journey.

In this edition,
  • I provide a free sample of one my new books.
  • Demonstrate why Cats have Cattitude.
  • Provide a couple of links to the latest updated Feline Friendly Pages.

These emails focus on improving the health and emotional wellbeing of your 'Fluffy' or 'Bruiser' through the basic simple things you can do at home and your vet can do in the practice.

Throughout 20 years of becoming an expert in cat behaviour and medicine, I have found that there is a reason why cats are the way they are. And the sooner you understand it, the sooner you will have an even better experience than you now have.

I created this video especially to set the stage for the rest of the email series.

Have You Seen My Latest Books Series?

Here's an excerpt from The Secrets to Owning a Happy, Fat, Fit and Contented Cat.

Is IBD The Same As Furballs?

Feline nutritional needs are much more highly refined than dogs or humans, particularly in regard to protein quality and quantity.

It is not metabolically worthwhile for a cat to eat a food of less than 20% protein of “dry matter”. (If you look at tinned food, it is 80% water, so the protein quoted is really quite high in the better quality products). The move to dried foods has resulted in the production of high protein levels to reflect this requirement, but has also meant that carbohydrates are in higher quantities than some cats can cope with.

Now comes the interesting part! In order to entertain owners and cats, colourings, flavourings and preservatives have been added to most tinned and dried foods, particularly the cheaper “supermarket” products. In fact, often the “flavour” is only sprayed on the outside of the biscuit, to minimise the use of the expensive parts of the formula.

Cats can cope with a lot of things, but it seems that they draw the line at “additives”. Vets are seeing an increasing number of cats that vomit up their food. Some of the colourings in the dried food actually stain the carpet so can you imagine what it’s doing to the cats’ intestines?

Anyway - back to IBD. The cats often start out by vomiting more furballs than usual, and then start vomiting food. Some then progress to the near-cancerous stage ofIBD, and some of those go on to develop cancerous (usually lymphoma) lesions in the bowel.

It’s pretty serious stuff. More...

Other key information this month

Making Your Cat Feel At Home
How To Find A Feline Friendly Vet

Become a part of the Feline Friendly experience and help us to help you and your vet become Feline Friendly even if they do also treat, ahem....dogs and other creatures.

Until next month,

Dr. Kim

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