Discover How Building Feline Client Loyalty
Will Grow Your Business, In Just One Hour

Did you know cat owners will spend more money in fewer visits than dog owners?  Yet most vets are struggling to maintain a consistent feline client loyalty and go the "path of least resistance".

In Just One Hour's Private Consultation With Dr. Kim, You Will Tap The Cat Income That Is Currently Trapped Inside Your Veterinary Practice.

You will discover...

  • how to make cats pay, now and every day.
  • how having a dog-centric practice is an advantage to gain feline clients!
  • specific education strategies to build feline client loyalty.
  • how and where you can make improvements in your own practice layout to keep more feline clients.
  • how to build life time care relationships from kittens to seniors.
  • how critical CATittude is to your ultimate financial success.
  • how maximizing co-operation from the cat and client builds business. 
  • how you can answer the questions the owner doesn't know to ask.
  • and start building feline client loyalty in your practice

The investment is just $350.
Start Building Feline Client Loyalty in Your Practice Today.

  • My GUARANTEE  If you don't get complete value from our session I will refund your $350.

Why bother?

In the USA, adopting Feline Friendly Practice processes and attitudes have created a 5% increase in turnover, with little or no increase in expenditure, since most of the costs are fixed.  That's a $25,000 increase on a $500,000 turnover.

The payoff is infinite and your effort is simple

83% of felines go to the cat vet in the first couple of months after they join a family.  60% will never see you again because the owners think they don't need to.  

You can do something about this if you follow my simple steps: Guaranteed...

With just one hour of your time, I will privately demonstrate how you can change the economic success of your existing business simply by making some simple changes.  There is no need to stop treating the dogs, ducks and lizards that come along regularly.  Just take a few simple steps to encourage the cats!

This is not a one-off promotional 'fix' for your practice.  We are initiating a long-term cat led economic recovery of your business and personal finances.

Dr. Kim Kendall

What the experts say...

Dr. Kim is a leading proponent and exponent of Feline Friendly Care

Dr Marty Becker,

Dr. Kim is a leading proponent and exponent of Feline Friendly Care, and part of the “Fear-Free”™ veterinary movement.

I've asked her many unusual questions about cats over the years and her answers are always entertaining, thoughtful and insightful.  The information is based on good science, respect for the feline friends in our lives and her desire to see every cat 'living happily ever after'.

She is the most completely down to earth and practical feline expert you could learn from.

Dr. Marty Becker, America's Vet and Founder of the “Fear-Free”™ veterinary movement.

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In your 60 minute, private tutorial, you will take away...

Dr Kim Kendall with Somali Cat
  1. the two key components of a Feline Friendly Vet Practice that make feline care affordable again.
  2. A written report with my personal, specific recommendations for your practice.
  3. Private access to a recording of our one-on-one session (if we use a computer).
  4. Follow up consultations at a discounted rate
  5. A crash course in cat medicine

What the experts say...

Dr. Kim can decode all cats. 

Dr. Kendall and I have convened and conversed at several conferences and on committees, and we share a fervent affection for all things feline. I helped write the book "Decoding Your Dog", but have found that just a conversation with Dr. Kim can decode all cats. 

Steve Dale, Steve Dale, CABC (certified animal behavior consultant). Broadcaster, Journalist, Author

and from Victor H Menrath, BVSc (Hons) BAgr, FANZCVS ( Feline Medicine )

Kim is in possession of an immense knowledge bank regarding this subject.  I have attended several of her presentations at scientific meetings on various aspects of  the medicine and behaviour of domestic cats and  have always found her to be a very informative and engaging speaker firmly founded on  scientific knowledge as well as many years of practical experience and observation of the behaviour of cats.

If you're just not getting the income you want from your practice,
let Dr. Kim show you how the cats will be the key to your growth.

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