"How To" Veterinarian Videos For Cat Vets

Practical veterinarian videos for professional staff who want to improve the way they conduct cat-friendly examinations.  Perfect if you are part of the "Fear Free" movement..

Whatever your level of experience, and for however long you have owned a pet cat or three, these videos have been created to support you to expand your existing skills, demonstrate new cat-friendly procedures to your staff, help inform your clients and grow your business.  

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Understanding your pet cat's behaviour

We want pet cats for their companionship and non-verbal communication, for the unconditional love we keep hoping we're getting from them.

But they also need our respect as much as our love, attention and food and these three videos exactly explain why the cats you have around you - as owners or as a vet professional  - are behaving the way they do!

Recently, Dr Kim took part in a podcast for VetTalk TV, giving advice on how best to help very young children to live happily with a new or existing feline household member.

If you are faced with a Kid Vs Cat conflict, then have a listen to what Dr Kim had to say.

Inside a Feline Friendly Vet Practice

Best Practice Basic Cat Vet Examination Habits

Treating feline health requires subtle cat-friendly vet management or your examination will be negatively affected. These videos demonstrate the basic procedures you must always do in order to build a thorough long-term understanding of your client's health.

Cat Vet Tutorial:
Conducting a physical examination of an elderly feline

I send out an old cat care special offer at least once a year to my clients and apart from the financial benefits to the practice it creates a context for owners to come in with their geriatric felines.  

The three images below represent a series of 11 short videos as I take you through the process of conducting a physical examination of an elderly feline.  

Subjects covered are the weigh in, assessing mobility, checking for fleas, checking the thyroid, heart, eyes, ears, teeth, blood, urine.  There are many differences between  examining a geriatric feline and a young cat and I cover them here. Each image takes you to the related video.

Check out the complete series.

Elderly Cat Care Videos
Elderly Cat Care Videos
Elderly Cat Care Videos


Neutering kittens

Why and when do your clients ask you to neuter kittens?  The answer isn't always so obvious and in this serious I not only cover the procedures but the benefits your clients may not expect!

Dealing with feline arthritis using Aquapuncture

A cat in pain for arthritis is debilitating for her and upsetting for you.  Despite the drugs and dietary options, aquapuncture - the injection of B12 and Saline is having dramatic results.  This series demonstrates  the whole procedure. 

Dental Care

How to live happily after with your cat.
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